Thursday, October 8, 2009

Half Minute Horrors

Halloween is coming, and there's a great new book out to celebrate the season–Half Minute Horrors. I can say it's a great new book without conceit because, even though I have a one-page comic in it, a whole lot of other people have stories and comics as well. Just look at some of these other people: Neil Gaiman, Brett Helquist, Margaret Atwood, Lemony Snicket, Lane Smith, R.L. Stine, James Patterson...and to say that the list goes on and on is something of an understatement here.

And it's a great book because it's published in partnership with First Book, a nonprofit that puts books in the hands of children from low-income families.

Go look for yourself at There you can read some of the stories, learn more about the book, and LEAVE A SHORT STORY OF YOUR OWN FOR OTHERS TO READ.

My contribution to Half Minute Horrors is an illustrated version of this.


Anonymous said...

You said nobody reads your blog, but I do now that it's feeding over to my friends list on Live Journal.

The Halloween story is very cute. Can't wait to see what you drew to go with that.

Was fun seeing you tonight, look forward to seeing you tomorrow, then that's it...won't see you for awhile. It's probably a good thing. I know, you're sad. :P

The Spicers said...

I bought this book for my kids based on the spectacular cover illustration and the fact that your Frankenstein books are two of their favorites, but the few stories we read scared them so much they couldn't sleep for a week. Will have to put it away until they're a little older...

Adam Rex said...

Interesting. How old are they? I think, for whatever reason, that I ended up maybe submitting one of the tamest in the book. I haven't been able to read them all yet, though.