Monday, July 25, 2011

All Will Be Revealed.

I was recently emailed two questions by a reader of my picture book, TREE RING CIRCUS. I present these below, with their answers, as a service to other readers who may have similar concerns.

1. When the tree first appears it is MISSING! A branch. How did the branch get cut off before the tree appeared?
2. After we first see the chicken he is not in the tree. He is in the next view of the tree. Where was he?

The missing branch was removed between the pages by pirates who all needed new legs. Some people tell me that if you look very closely you can see the pirates but I think these people are lying.

The chicken is obviously also hanging out with the pirates.

Also, chickens are girls.

Further questions can be directed to adamrex(at)earthlink(dot)net.


Catherine LaPointe said...


Vinod Rams said...

(pushes up glasses)
Actually wouldn't "hens" only be girls? Chickens refer to both sexes.

Take that Rex!

Adam Rex said...

Ah, touché.

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froggie is... said...

AH-HA! somebody around here owes me A COOKIE! (although he was wrong about that branch!)

ty for the circus clarifications! and your open letter to...was really great. very well expressed and dead-on. :-)

JKW said...

Love the sense of humor and 'logic' I'm going to have to remember that for the future, that is if I can find my own pirate :) Blessings, Janet

Laura Roy said...

Your amazing