Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Walkpstalk! Walkpstalk!

The Z-kids over at Bookie Woogie just reviewed my book, Pssst!, and I couldn't be happier. And they drew pictures! Go check it out here.


Oriol said...

Yesterday I boght, your Frankenstein boock, and it´s FUCKING amazing. Good work, man!

I hate you=)

Anonymous said...

I have found that seeing the reactions of children to my book has been the most rewarding thing yet! I cant wait until the day when some kid walks up and shows me the drawings he or she did of my characters! how fun.
and the Psst! book is such a great concept book!

by the way, my word verification to post this comment is "Strophed".
wonder what strophed means...

Arrolynn said...

Oh man this review brought me such joy. I love seeing their reaction to the book. Sometimes I wish I could still have the imagination of an eight year old.