Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alaska Again

Okay, so I know you don't come here looking for photos of my recent trip to Alaska. Or maybe you do. If you do, go here.

But I don't want to drop the subject entirely without showing a group who came to see an evening teen/adult program I presented. They arrived wearing homemade Boov t-shirts and brought me one as well.

I present them here, along with some of the librarians who made my trip possible.
Click to enlarge.

And for those of you who're wondering when I'm going to get back to posting some art, here are some people I sketched while sitting in a Seward, Alaska coffee shop called The Sea Bean:


Kjersten said...

Those are the coolest shirts, ever!

Kelly Polark said...

Wicked cool Boov shirts!
I liked your Alaska pics. I see that you did some dog sledding. One of my favorite excursions in Alaska was to visit the sled dogs near Denali National Park. The puffins were another highlight!

Unknown said...

Great blog, Adam. Fantastic drawing of Nick Cave!

Phil Hilliker said...

Yeah, those shirts rock.

Your flickr account is djmaxdare. Did you do some DJ'ing in the past? If so, what haven't you spent time doing?

Adam Rex said...

Nah, Phil, I think the issue was just that I couldn't get "maxdare" on its own, so I threw a dj on there. But I respect all turntableists everywhere.