Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Book

Who's on Captain Gluebeard's shoulder?
Gold is gold. That feather's golder.
Got a guess? It's time to share it.
It's Polly! She's the pirate's


From Guess Again!, written by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Adam Rex. Available September 15th.


Ericka said...

Ok ,just want you to know I laughed really hard with this.

I had never seen watercolor work from you before! Looks wonderful. Are you planning on using it more often?

Jennifer said...

Whaaat? I thought this wasn't out until next year! Now I have to rearrange my ENTIRE BUDGET to get it now, as obviously my library cannot live without it. Grumble, grumble.

Z-Kids said...

This book looks awesome and so funny! When this book comes out we're going to HAVE to get it!

- Gracie

(My mother never sits on my shoulders)

Adam Rex said...

Ericka–Maybe. I always want to use whatever the book seems to call for, and I thought this book needed to look a little old-fashioned.

Sorry, Jennifer.

Gracie–Maybe she will when you're older.

Anthony VanArsdale said...

This is brilliant! is that watercolor? I love the textures

Brian Biggs said...

"Mother" doesn't rhyme with "share it." That's dumb.

yer pal,
Brian Biggs

Brian Biggs said...

"Mother" doesn't rhyme with "share it." That's dumb.

yer pal,
Brian Biggs

Chris Dunn said...

Without a doubt this book will be gracing my book shelves very soon, simply just so I can see how you use watercolour or is that watercolor or water-colour or coloured water. Obviously I'm hoping 'Guess Again' will have an answer :-P

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Charming! I will have to put this on my Christmas wish list!

Nicholas said...

Yes, this book looks like it will be a BIG laugh! I completely thought that was Santa with a sword for a second!