Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mail Call

Interesting things I got in the mail recently:
Douglas Florian sent me a Frankenstein's Monster head he recently found on the streets of Hell's Kitchen (a neighborhood in New York City, not Hell's actual kitchen). Because I now hold the curious position of being a person of whom people are reminded when they see Frankenstein. It's so rough on the outside because it's actually a mold, once used to make some kind of soft-headed monster toy. Look at that detailed face inside.
I also received my first finished copy of Guess Again!, my next book with author Mac Barnett (who also wrote Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem). This book is going to make your head bleed rainbows. It was wicked hard to put together but worth it. I'll be posting art from it soon.


Sarah Romano Diehl said...

woohoo, can't wait to see that book!

Peter Underhill said...

Ooh, Adam, I'd have to make a squishy Frankenstein head with that mold to see how it looks. It could be a tool used for 'blown vinyl', so simply pouring some goop in there might not be a good idea.

Nina Crittenden said...

Another book! Congrats! Billy Twitters is FANTASTIC, by the way!

Paul Schmid said...

After seeing your f&g of Guess Again!, I intend to be first in line to buy my copy of it. Way too wonderful it is.

Matt Phelan said...

That's a great cover!

Z-Kids said...

I can be anything!
Take a look,
It's in a book,
Bleeding Rainbow...

- AZ


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Callan's Sketchblog said...

congrats on the new book, and I suppose there are far worse things to be associated with & sent than frankenstein heads :D

WilsonW said...

Congrats Adam can't wait to see it! How many copies are generally sent to the Illustrator? Does it differ much from publisher to publisher?



Adam Rex said...

Thanks, everyone!

Wilson, I've gotten as few as ten copies and as many as thirty. Depends on the publisher, depends on how many you ask for in your contract.

WilsonW said...

I'll keep that in mind Mr. Rex!! Achemm, as soon as I get my first contract to insert that into! ;)