Monday, October 19, 2009

Animal Act 2

More combination animals. Once again, these were drawn on tour on big pads of paper with Sharpies, based on animal suggestions taken from the audience. Then the kids usually named their creature, and I usually suggested it should be their new school mascot.
Reaction to this suggestion of mine was varied. Some kids embraced the idea (probably understanding that it was a joke and that in a day or two everyone would forget all about it), other kids folded their arms and essentially said, "No, we're satisfied being the Wildcats actually, thanks."


Chandra said...

These are so wonderful! Would make a great picture book premise....just sayin'....;-)

Nina Crittenden said...

The Chupacabra is my favorite! What a great idea- I bet the kids crack up!!!

Karen (: said...

The Owhorse is now my favourite animal. Awesome!